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Bee Natural Look™

Healthy Scalp Spray

Healthy Scalp Spray

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Astringent Spray / Antiseptic Spray

Renew your scalp care routine with this antiseptic spray to clear the hair of flakes, odor-causing bacteria, and excess oils while soothing the scalp and stimulating hair growth.

Packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients, this amazing pre-shampoo too and an antiseptic spray helps nourish your roots, moisturize and soothe your scalp in between shampooing. This antiseptic also reduce itchiness and flaking it also promote overall scalp health.


● Fights bacteria
● Relieves itching
● Cleanses skin of excessive oil.
● Reduce skin irritation.
● Stimulates and cools scalp & skin
● Loosens and removes sebum, dandruff & dirt residue on the scalp

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