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Bee Natural Locks

Bee Natural Locks™ - Bee Hair Vitamin Gummies

Bee Natural Locks™ - Bee Hair Vitamin Gummies

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Bee Hair Vitamin Gummies

Your scalp hair needs simply nutritious vitamins too! Bee Hair Vitamin Gummies, as the name suggests, supplies the right amount of nutrients required by your hair for optimal growth & volume. These hair vitamin gummies for hair growth contains rich amounts of Vitamin A, C & E that boost follicle health.

Thanks to the high concentration of effective ingredients such as folic acid and biotin, one gummy twice a day is enough. With these vitamins you ensure that your skin and hair look healthy. In addition, hair growth is stimulated and you keep your beautiful and strong nails. Take hair vitamin gummies regularly & enjoy healthier hair, skin, and nails!


● Soy-free, dairy-free
● Stimulates hair growth by promoting healthy cell growth
● Prevents hair loss by reducing oxidative stress and improving iron absorption with vitamin C
● Restores hair’s natural shine and fullness by improving the keratin’s structure with biotin
● Promotes healthy hair growth by regulating blood circulation and bringing oxygen to the scalp with vitamin E
● Boosts hair growth by supporting the energy process and helping with red blood cell formation with vitamin B-12

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